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A Holiday Wish for the Mentally Ill

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Go Ahead, Say ‘Bless You’

‘In Spite of Ourselves’

Emiliano Battista: Carioquinha

Melanie Kirkpatrick: Giving Thanks for Sarah Josepha Hale

What I'm Most Thankful For

Eloy Barragán: “Unfinished”—Sin Terminar

The Man Who Saved My Life

A World Still Yearning to Be Free

A World Still Yearning to Be Free

John Rapson: What Hall of Famer Al Kaline Taught Me About Dignity and Dying

How to Enjoy Abstract Art

Why ‘Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes’ Matters

Why 'Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes' Matters

The Enemies of Liberalism

Trying to Pray on 9/11

Diary of War and Justice in Ukraine

Calling All TFP Subscribers: Now Is the Time to Support Independent Journalism

My Father and the Fire

Metal Slides and Omoiyari in Hiroshima

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The Seductions of Sake

Our Land Was a Forest

Picturing Bashō’s Narrow Road to the Deep North

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'People Are Not Fools'

Surfing the Truth with Denis Johnson

A ‘Minor’ Author Gets the Last Laugh

What I Learned on Jan. 6

The Tiananmen Square Silence

'I Am the Poet of Reality'

‘We Are Not Alone, and We Never Have Been.’

‘We Are Not Alone, and We Never Have Been'

Scott Newstok: Well, Shakespeare, He’s in the Alley

Bracing for a Post-Roe America

Learning to Be Human

The Nation That Would Not Bow

‘Coming Up for Air’ in 2022

The Poetry of Plants and Transplants

'Soul Talk' With Joy Harjo

Czesław Miłosz's Hundred Acre Wood

'Because We Aren’t Powerless'

The Bard of Berkeley

Will Ukraine Become Another Syria?

Then the War

Fulfilling the Promise of America

Those Who Answer the Call

Why Putin Won't Survive

The Stories My Father Told

'Ukraine 2022 is not Czechoslovakia 1938'

The World Must Hold Putin and His Henchmen Accountable for Their War Crimes in Ukraine

Big Snow in Iowa

The Man Who Helped Millions, Including My Family, 'Survive Schizophrenia'

Deborah J. Stein: Letters From Ruthie

In a Sea of Refugees, a Familiar Face, and Why America Must Do All It Can to Aid Ukraine

Garry Kasparov's Greatest Hits, and Why He Knew Putin's Next Move Was Invading Ukraine

Kyiv Under Siege, the Courage of Ukrainians, and an Unforgettable Story by Kateryna Babkina

A Ukrainian Poet's Message to the World: 'Open your eyes. The war has already started.'

Homeira Qaderi: ‘We are not going back to the dark ages’

Making the World a Better Place, One Writer at a Time

永久性香港 Forever This Hong Kong

The Tragedy of Hong Kong, and Why It Could Be Coming to a Geopolitical Theater Near You

Scott Samuelson: Counting Lights

The ‘Beautiful Game,’ Pomegranate Molasses, and Why There’s Hope for America